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Discover the world of Bitcoin with Trey Brunson, a professional in the Bitcoin industry who has been promoting the relevance and importance of Bitcoin since 2016.

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A collection of articles from the top thought leaders in the Bitcoin industry. 
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A list of the top applications to get started using the Bitcoin network. 
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A repository of data sources to power your research of Bitcoin.
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A curated reading list to help broaden your understanding of Bitcoin.
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A library of the top podcasts in the Bitcoin industry.
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A curated playlist of the must watch videos about Bitcoin.
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Bitcoin Presentations

Collection Of Bitcoin Primers

A comprehensive collection of slide decks, covering a range of topics from the basic understanding of Bitcoin, its historical context and valuation, to more technical aspects like the underlying protocol and on-chain analysis.

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Financial Models

Interactive Bitcoin Financial Models

A selection of Bitcoin relative valuation models and on-chain models, providing unique perspectives for understanding and predicting Bitcoin’s value.

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