About Me


Since 2016, Trey Brunson has been active in promoting the relevance and importance of Bitcoin. Trey has spent the last five years studying the Cryptography, Economics and Computer Science implemented in the Bitcoin Protocol. In an attempt to further the adoption of Bitcoin, Trey has created this website to share his knowledge with his friends, family and colleagues.

Over the past 5 years, Trey has had the opportunity to work at two of the largest global Bitcoin companies, Binance, and Blockchain.com. 

Trey Brunson is currently a Senior Operation Manager on the Product & Operations team at Binance.US. While at Binance.US, Trey gained Crypto Currency Exchange operations experience working with both traditional finance as well as crypto-forward financial institutions.

Prior to joining Binance.US, Trey gained additional Bitcoin industry experience working on the global operations team at Blockchain.com, a cryptocurrency company with over 50 million users. At Blockchain.com Trey supported the daily operations of the company‚Äôs core product, the “Blockchain Wallet”, a non-custodial Bitcoin wallet.

Before beginning his professional career, Trey was an information technology analyst at a 1.8 million dollar student-run investment fund at the University Of Delaware, where he studied Management Information Systems. While at the University Of Delaware, Trey was highly involved in a number of initiatives to promote the importance and relevance of Bitcoin across his campus.