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June 21, 2021

Bitcoin Thesis

This primer is my macro perspective on Bitcoin breaking down the monetary network from a first principles perspective. In the…

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Bitcoin Primer

In the primer, I go over the history of Digital Currency, Bitcoins relative valuation to commodities with a monetary premium…

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Digital Asset Trading Toolkit

Enhance Your Digital Asset Trading. I am sharing three tools that power the day to day operations of my digital…

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Incentivizing Mesh Networking

How Bitcoin’s Helping Create A Decentralized Communication Network I recently set up a goTenna relay node to help contribute to…

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Lightning Network Website Integration

Lay the foundation for your Lightning Network enabled website. Objective Setup two lightning nodes.Create the foundation for your website.Send a…

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Decentralized Exchange Ecosystem

Overview A decentralized exchange allows for two counterparties to find each other and trade directly without relying on a third…

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