Digital Asset Trading Toolkit

Trey Brunson

Enhance Your Digital Asset Trading.

I am sharing three tools that power the day to day operations of my digital asset trading. These tools will allow you to do fundamental analysis on public blockchains, construct a balanced digital asset portfolio and analyze the digital asset market in realtime.

To power these spreadsheets I use the CryptoFinance plugin for Google Sheets.

To use these spreadsheets goto File → Make Copy. Make sure to follow the link above to add the cryptofinance add-on to each spreadsheet.


On-Chain Data

Become One With The Blockchain
Become One With The Blockchain

Purpose: Track Bitcoin and the broader digital asset network data trends, build valuation models, test hypotheses, research macroeconomics.


16 Data Points: tx_volume_usdadjusted_tx_volume_usdtx_countmarketcap_usdprice_usdexchange_volume_usdrealized_cap_usdgenerated_coinsfeesactive_addressesaverage_difficultypayment_countmedian_tx_value_usdmedian_feeblock_sizeblock_count.



Digital Asset Market Data

✌️ Coinmarketcap
✌️ Coinmarketcap

Purpose: Create advanced digital asset watchlists with access to live market data and intelligence.

Functionality: BTC & USD trading pair price analysis, All Time High Price Analysis, Social Media Sentiment, Macro Crypto Market Data.



Digital Asset Portfolio Model


Purpose: Framework to build a balanced digital asset portfolio.

Functionality: Define Individual Holding Allocations, Set Buy & Sell Targets, Model Potential Profits.


I hope these tools provide you a basic framework to streamline your digital asset trading. If you want to stay up to date with my latest content visit my website @

Happy Trading.


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